Honey Creme 13oz

Honey Creme combines the richness of honey with just the right amount of cream flavor. And like all my syrups, it's good over everything! Try Honey Creme Syrup with griddle cakes, waffles, ham glaze, dips for fresh fruit, fried chicken, basting sauce for

grilling poultry, and desserts of all sorts. Enjoy.

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Butter Pecan 13oz 

Butter Pecan Syrup is a unique taste sensation. Its rich buttered pecan flavor will have your family begging for more. And like all my syrups, it's good over everything. Try Butter Pecan Syrup over griddle cakes, waffles, ice cream, desserts of all sorts, and many other foods.

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Michele Hoskins' Recipe For Success

Her dramatic success story: her family legacy


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Maple Creme 13oz

Maple Creme Syrup is a unique blend of maple, honey and cream flavors.

And like all my syrups, it's good over everything.


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Michele's Syrup in a Case

Save money and buy Michele's Syrup buy the case.  Select your flavor and save!

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